A brand new integration room

An integration room is a closed area where the integration of complete SCOE, EGSE or Communication racks take place. A rack is a special metal frame which holds a number of electronic equipments like Down & Up Convertors, High Speed demodulators, TT&C equipment, spectrum analyser, switches,... .

The racks are integrated and sent as complete solution to the customer where they are used to test the satellite of the customer or they are used inside a satellite ground station.

When it comes to its dimensions, the integration room results in a volume of about 100 m3.

A stratum-1 NTP server

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol to allow time synchronization between an NTP client and an NTP server. Whereas the client can be any PC or IoT device, the server is a high-accurate time source, synchronized to either its own reference time source, or to another server. Common time references include GPS receivers, Atomic clocks or radio-wave receivers.

When performing measurements, precise timing can be of crucial importance. Therefore, Antwerp Space has their own Stratum-1 NTP server that also generates a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) signal; permanently synchronized on the atomic clocks of the GPS satellites. The NTP signal is made publicly accessible on time.antwerpspace.be.

Other infrastructure

More than 300 m2 of offices, labs and integration rooms.

More than 100 m2 lab-space for product development, test and integration.

Spacious, well equipped RF lab.

Workshop for:

  • Precision fabrication of semi-rigid coaxial cables

  • Microscopic inspection

  • Prototype assembly, cabling, patches & fixes

  • Series production and assembly