Our history

Celestia Antwerp, more than 55 years of experience in Space Ground Systems.


  • Celestia Antwerp has been active in space technology since 1962.

  • Originally a division of Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company, later known as Alcatel Bell, it became an autonomous subsidiary of the Alcatel Space group in 1998. At that time, the company still included defence related activities and was called "Alcatel Bell Space and Defence".

  • Only a year later, in 1999, the defence related activities were sold and the company became "Alcatel Bell Space".

  • With the alliance between Alcatel Space and Finmeccanica, the company became part of Alcatel Alenia Space in 2005 and was renamed to "Alcatel Alenia Space Antwerp".

  • In  2007, Thales acquired the overall space related activities from Alcatel. As a consequence, the company got the name "Thales Alenia Space Antwerp".

  • Following a strategic review, Thales Alenia Space sold the company's shares to OHB AG in July 2010, after which its name has been changed to "Antwerp Space".

  • Another Strategic review led to the split of Antwerp Space into a company focussing on Space Segment, while the part focussing on the Ground Segment was acquired by Celestia Technologies Group. In November 2019, Celestia Antwerp B.V. was born!

  • Today, Celestia Antwerp is a fast growing company focusing on the ground communication aspects with a satellite. Current activities include commercial ground modems and RF converters, ground stations and test systems.