Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team has a passion for space which results in high reliable solutions and satisfied customers. At present we employ around 25 highly skilled professionals.


Complex modem for Earth Observation and Satellite control

In order to get data from or to a satellite, the bits and bytes need to be converted into an RF or optical signal. This functionality is provided by the modulator or demodulator. Celestia Antwerp has several ground modems in its portfolio. We have e.g. the High speed data downlink modem (Omnisat) and a  satellite control modem (IBB).



Integration and Design of Test Systems

Before being launched into space, satellites need to be thoroughly tested. Indeed, once up there, it is difficult, if not impossible, to make changes or to repair it. For supporting these test campaigns, Celestia Antwerp is specialized in building test systems that test the complete communication chain of a satellite. Furthermore, Celestia Antwerp integrates a full suit of test equipment into a complete Electrical Ground Support Equipment, which is the complete set of test systems used to test a single satellite.



Custom-made, high performant RF Frequency Converters

The communication chain between the application and the RF path, contains after the modem, a frequency converter which transforms the output of the modem into the right frequency to be transmitted (or vice versa). Due to the nature of the communication, these converters need to be highly stable with high performance. Celestia Antwerp is specialized in building customised satellite frequency converters.


Management Team


Jose Alonso
Chairman Board of Directors

Guy Van Dijck
Managing Director

Milo Van Riel
Business Development