Who we are

Celestia Antwerp is one of Belgium’s oldest and most experienced space companies. Our roots go back to 1962, when we were set up as a division within the Alcatel Bell group. We became an autonomous subsidiary in the 90's.

Historic names

In 2005, ‘Alcatel Bell Space’ became ‘Alcatel Alenia Space Antwerp’, before getting the name ‘Thales Alenia Space Antwerp’ in 2007. These name changes show the evolution of our shareholding and the many consolidations that took place in the European space sector.

Celestia Technologies Group acquired our company from the OHB SE group in November 2019. At that time, our activities were split off from Antwerp Space.

Ground Satellite communications

Today, Celestia Antwerp is a company focusing on satellite communications with Ground products and systems. Our current activities include:

  • Satellite Ground Stations and Equipment
  • Advanced Test Systems
  • Secure Communication Networks

The company employs about 20 people. Most of them are highly skilled engineers and technicians, the majority of which hold an engineering degree, with strong expertise in the areas of digital signal processing, hardware and software design and in the management and technical lead of complex projects.

Company Philosophy & Vision, Mission and Values

We want to create a fun working environment where people find the joy to work and allow people to come with fresh ideas on products, process & market improvements. In return the company will allow flexible working hours and homework (with adequate working agreements).

On long term we want to become a reference inside the Space Industry based on our positive track record and on-time delivery. We are aiming for customers which will come back with new projects because of the quality of service given. The company wants to win an award of best employer company as this is an advantage when you want to acquire good talent from the market.


Celestia Antwerp's mission is to serve Customers with their Communication & testing challenges by providing products and services customised to their needs. Products and Services range from RF Microwave products, Modems, Test Systems and integrations thereof. The existing space experience & technology will serve the Space sector as well as other markets in which it can generate added value. 

We will further develop as an integrator, starting from our ground systems expertise.

  • Communication systems in ground segment domains

  • Satellite ground segment engineering, ground station development and spacecraft Electrical Ground Support Equipment


We build the success of Celestia Antwerp on the following values:

  • Customer focus

  • Trust in & Empowerment for

    • Employees

    • Shareholder

    • Customers

    • Suppliers

  • State-of-the-Art Technology minded

  • Lean & Mean


Celestia Technologies Group : Innovation in space

Celestia Antwerp is part of the Celestia Technologies Group. CTG is an international technology group based on research and development, innovation and deployment of high technology products. Across CTG we invest, explore and create innovation to meet the needs of our Customers.