Web based GUI front-end for Satellite TT&C SDR Modem Application


Celestia Antwerp is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite ground communication technology. It is part of the Celestia Technologies Group.

Celestia Antwerp’s core business is in the delivery of satellite communication solutions for the ground segment extension with products and systems. The company operates both on the commercial and institutional markets, supporting space agency programs, as well as industrial company projects worldwide. While Celestia Antwerp was founded in 2019 under its current name, the company has roots in the Space Sector dating back as far as 1962. 

Type and Description




Celestia Antwerp satellite TT&C modem (Tracking, Telemetry and Command) is today supporting a local GUI to configure, control, monitor and troubleshoot its transmit & receive chains. Remote access to this local GUI is offered by means of a desktop sharing application from a 3rd party supplier. This local GUI was initially built many years ago for equipment supporting one single TT&C chain and is inherently not easily scalable for scenarios involving several chains (e.g. satellite constellations). Moreover, it is based on TCL/TK which is today a deprecated technology and is by far outperformed by most recent frameworks offering much better user experience (UX). Hence, it is proposed to develop in scope of this internship a brand new web-GUI based on the Angular framework.


Objective and Deliverables:


The objective of this internship consists in the front-end development of the TT&C modem web-GUI. The student will work with Typescript within the Angular front-end framework. He will make sure to produce unit tested code that will be inserted within the Jenkins continuous integration framework used at Celestia Antwerp. He/She shall finish this activity with a presentation to a mixed audience of academical and industrial experts.

Expected deliverables:

The following deliverables are expected:
• Documentation : Detailed Design Architecture, Final Report, Final Presentation.
• Web-GUI source tree.
• Testing tools (executables, source code and documentation).



Node Package Manager (npm), Angular, Typescript, HTML & CSS



      3-6 months


      Evaluation Critera:

      The following will be taken into account for the final evaluation.

      • Demonstrated technical skills.
      • Timeline of deliverables vs agreed plan.
      • Quality  of deliverable.
      • Level of autonomy shown by the candidate.
      • Motivation and initiatives taken.



      Berchem (Antwerp), Belgium


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