Space Rider

Space Rider aims to provide Europe with an affordable, independent, reusable end-to-end integrated space transportation system for routine access and return from low orbit. It will transport payloads for an array of applications, orbit altitudes and inclinations.

Space Rider is fully integrated with Vega-C to provide a space laboratory for payloads to operate in orbit for a variety of applications in missions lasting about two months.

It is capable of carrying multiple missions for different applications on each flight. Payloads that are integrated with the payload bay can benefit from a high-tech platform for experiments in space. 

Space Rider will be launched on Vega-C from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, remain in space in a low-drag altitude orbit for about two months, return to land on Earth with its payload, and then be prepared for the next mission.

To maximise competitiveness and minimise the recurring cost of each mission, Space Rider is fully or partially reusable, has a limited size, and requires minimal refurbishment allowing expensive components of the mission to be reused.  

The launch system is based on Vega-C to allow an end-to-end European mission with minimum launch service cost.

Our involvement

Celestia Antwerp's advanced test system's department is conducting a study on system aspects for the overall EGSE (Electrical Ground Segment Equipmet). Next to this study, Celestia Antwerp will offer its know-how and expertise on Test Systems within the Space Rider Program.