Celestia Antwerp e has numerous products in its portfolio, all focussing on the ground communication aspect. Make your choice among the following products:

Ground Products

Celestia Antwerp is developing a series of products meant to use for diffrent ground to space missions, both commercial and institutional. Leveraging on our broad expertise in ground & space communication and the most advanced techniques, we deliver state-of-the-art equipment that answer our customers' needs. Our capabilities cover different markets, addressing the small satellite constellations upto high rate earth observation satellites.

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Ground Station Products

Celestia Antwerp designs standard and custom equipment to fit into end-to-end satellite communication needs.

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Advanced Test Systems

Celestia Antwerp is delivering a wide variety of spacecraft test systems, from unit testers, SCOEs to turn-key EGSE systems.  Our team is specialised to provide test-solutions for validation of communication sub-systems, with frequencies ranging upto Ka-Band.

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Secure Communication Networks

Celestia Antwerp is delivering Secure Communication Networks.  During the Galileo Ground Mission and Control Segment Network projects, the team was responsible from the early definition phase of network control centre and the remote nodes, later doing the hardware, software and security design of the network.  In a later phase, Celestia Antwerp was deploying the nodes, performing live updates and giving maintenance and support.  Worldwide more than 140 network nodes were installed.

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About Celestia Antwerp

Celestia Antwerp is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite ground communication technology. It is part of the Celestia Technologies Group.

Celestia Antwerp’s core business is in the delivery of satellite communication solutions for the ground segment extension with products and systems. Celestia Antwerp operates both on the commercial and institutional markets, supporting space agency programmes, as well as industrial company projects worldwide. Celestia Antwerp has been founded in 2019. It however builds on experiences of projects going back to 1962.

We employ over 25 highly skilled engineers and target to double our activities in 3 years!