Advanced Test Systems

Celestia Antwerp is delivering a wide variety of spacecraft test systems, from unit testers, SCOEs to turn-key EGSE systems.  Our team is specialised to provide test-solutions for validation of communication sub-systems, with frequencies ranging upto Ka-Band.

Radio Frequency Specific Checkout Equipment

Celestia Antwerp is delivering RF SCOEs, mainly to verify the communication subsystem(s) of spacecrafts, with fully automated measurement functions, minimizing operator interaction.  The most recent deliveries are for the MTG and Exomars 2020 missions.


Radio Frequency Suitcase

Celestia Antwerp is integrating RF suitcases, consisting of a number of the actual flight communication modules, controlled and monitored by the in-house developped IVTE2 framework. Celestia Antwerp has built the RF Suitcase for the HAG-1 mission.

Integrated Satellite Test System

Celestia Antwerp delivers turn-key EGSE systems, integrating CFI, buy-in and/or in-house developed SCOE's and test supervisors. The most recent projects are the EGSE for MPCV European Service Module and the ExoMars 2020 Carrier Module.