Burst Mode Demodulator

The Multi-Channel Multi-Frequency Burst Mode Demodulator (BMD) demodulates the downstream return link (from terminal to HUB) in a DVB-RCS MF-TDMA system. The BMD covers both Star and Meshed satellite networks. Relative to other solutions, the BMD has improved burst structures for lower signal thresholds and higher capacity.

The main features are:

  • Simultaneous demodulation of N MF-TDMA channels in a 20 MHz band, N depends on burst type and symbol rate and can go up to 128 channels

  • Symbol rates from 64Ksps to 6Msps

  • RF L-band interface and distribution of the demodulated burst over OC-3c (ATM cells), ASI (MPEG packets) or Ethernet (ATM and MPEG)

  • Capable of coping with high carrier frequency uncertainties (up to 10% of symbol rate)

  • Compatible with advanced burst structures guaranteeing low PER (Packet Error Rate) at low S/N ratio’s with very short burst lengths and only a small overhead in synchronisation symbols

  • Compliant with DVB-RCS standard

  • Capable of

    • Viterbi/Reed-Solomon Decoding

    • Turbo Decoding

  • Reconfigurable without service outeage within guard time

  • Monitoring interface providing detailed measurements per burst

  • Low-profile chassis, 1U high