Earth Observation Data Receiver

Celestia Antwerp OMNISAT is a modular solution for satellite earth observation and scientific data reception. It performs frequency conversion, data demodulation and data acquisition in a cost-efficient single unit. The system is capable of receiving several channels in parallel, fully independent of each other, and can handle high speed data streams. The OMNISAT is developed and manufactured by Celestia Antwerp, a company with over 50 years of experience in satellite data reception.

Celestia Antwerp still maintains, repairs and delivers services for previous generations of the OMNISAT equipment.

The main features are:

  • Demodulates up to 4 high speed channels independently, each with its own IF frequency

  • IF frequency from 530MHz to 1550MHz, configurable per mission via configuration file

  • Modular & flexible, allowing a customized solution with different building blocks

    • Data Ingest & front-end processors (CCSDS and DVB-S)

    • Data storage

    • Real Time data distribution over Ethernet

    • Test modulator and built-in test & simulation facilities

    • Frequency down converter

  • Numerous missions pre-stored with all parameters

  • Upgradeable to all future satellite missions

  • Operational reliability:

    • High MTBF

    • User replaceable parts (SDD, redundant PSU, fans, filters)

    • Functionality is in software and/or on reprogrammable digital hardware.

    • No tuning required