Radio Frequency Converter

Celestia Antwerp is in business for over 50 years and meanwhile built extensive experience in creating cutting-edge RF & Microwave equipment, both for ground as well as onboard applications.
Products developed in the past range from specific components over various hybrids to frequency conversion and frequency generation equipment, and this for commercial-, satcom-, institutional- as well as defense projects.

While Celestia Antwerp is primarily building prototypes and small lots of specialized equipment, it is perfectly geared for manufacturing higher quantities at competitive pricing.

Celestia Antwerp comes in the picture when commercial off the shelf equipment currently available is just not good enough and stringent requirements in terms of amplitude flatness, group delay variation or Alan variance are to be met.
Based on a generic frequency converter platform, Celestia Antwerp can assure fast production and test as well as high reliability with more than 100 custom frequency converters in the field.

Following equipment is available off-the-shelf:

  • Ka-band EESS frequency downconverter [indoor & outdoor]

  • Ka-band Deep Space upconverter 

  • Ka-band Deep Space downconverter 

  • Three channel S-band downconverter