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Celestia Antwerp provides the Omnisat-G3 high speed modem, the IBB TTC modem and deep space and near earth EESS frequency convertors for integration in TTC ground stations and Earth Observation (EO) ground stations. Celestia Antwerp can also provide complete TTC ground stations and EO groundstations, ranging from S-band to Ka-band, providing the design over commissioning to the long term maintenance. This know-how goes back to 1962, where Celestia Antwerp provided groundstations to ESRO, the pre-decessor of ESA.

Celestia Antwerp also provides the inverse baseband i2B2, which allows to test the complete groundsegment before the launch of the spacecraft. The i2B2 simulates the satellite, by receiving telecommands, and generating telemetry according to scripts.

Celestia Antwerp also has the know-how and the experience for designing, implementing, deploying, validation and maintenance of demanding secure networks. One of the main references is the MDDN and SDDN network for Galileo, where Celestia Antwerp did complete design up to validation of the mission and TTC network, linking the 35 groundstations worldwide with the two Galileo control centers in Germany and Italy.

For the test system integrator, Celestia Antwerp can provide state of the art products like the Omnisat-G3 high speed modem, the IBB TTC modem and deep space and near earth EESS frequency convertors. Furthermore, Celestia Antwerp can provide complete communication SCOEs (Specific Check-out Equipment), which interface with EDEN. SCOEs have been delivered for Hispasat, Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), Solar Orbiter, Columbus Orbital Facility (COF) of the ISS, ATV modules etc.

With over half a century of expertise in satellite communication, Celestia Anwerp can offer a wide range of solutions for the following types of customers:

  • Ground Station Integrators and Operators
  • Satellite Operators
  • Satellite System Integrators
  • Satellite Service Providers
  • Ground Segment Integrators
  • Test System Integrators

Satisfied customers include O3b NetworksGlobalstarSES WorldskiesESACNES, OHB, Airbus Defence and SpaceISROThales Alenia Space, ATOS, Swedish Space CorporationOrbit CS, etc.

Value Added Resellers

Celestia Antwerp is selling worldwide through partners, which have a very good relation with the local customers, leading to a good view on the needs of the customer and providing the necessary support for presales and postsales. Please contact us if our products and services help you to provide an answer to your local customer. We will be delighted to help you.

About Celestia Antwerp

Celestia Antwerp is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite ground communication technology. It is part of the Celestia Technologies Group.

Celestia Antwerp’s core business is in the delivery of satellite communication solutions for the ground segment extension with products and systems. Celestia Antwerp operates both on the commercial and institutional markets, supporting space agency programmes, as well as industrial company projects worldwide. Celestia Antwerp has been founded in 2019. It however builds on experiences of projects going back to 1962.

We employ over 25 highly skilled engineers and target to double our activities in 3 years!